Ana Alice Baptista

Department of Information Systems | School of Engineering | University of Minho

I graduated as a Systems and Informatics Engineer, obtained a MSc degree in Informatics and a Doctor degree in Information Technologies and Systems. I am author or co-author of more than 40 articles in the areas of Digital Libraries, Semantic Web and Scholarly Communication. Here are some of them:

I have done several communications, workshops and tutorials and I organized or participated in the organization of several events.

I participated in several R&D projects. Here are some of them:

I was the vice-director of the MSc degree in Information Science and a member of the steering committee of the Doctoral Programme on Information Systems and Technologies. I am also responsible for several interactions with institutions from several parts of the world (Europe, Brazil and the USA) and I am a member of the DCMI Advisory Board.

I have supervised several students both at MSc and PhD levels, have been a reviewer on several conferences and journals and have acted as evaluator of FP7 project proposals.

More information is available in my CV.